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ɛnfuɛ helps make the most suitable matches between recruiters and job seekers!

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enfue bringing a unified platform to solve all recruitment problems. Based on the popular Applicant Tracking System technology that has been applied in 98% of Fortune 500 companies and 60% of global SMEs, enfue aims to integrate all necessary tools to serve for recruiting operations, and help managers track recruitment efficiency and make accurate decisions.

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Make the best hires, with -30% effort

Move faster on a recruiting platform that automates process and manual tasks, like scheduling interviews and getting approvals.

Application Tracking System

Make recruiting easier with application tracking system

enfue provides a highly efficient recruitment tool for recruiters of making the recruiting never be easier.

Professional Profiles

Build Company professional profiles

Establish your employer brand easily with mobile friendly career page. Highlighting what makes your jobs and culture unique.

Right Candidate

Find the right candidates

Exceptional candidate experience. Speeding up the recruitment process.
Lowering recruiting costs. Improving the quality of hire.

More reasons companies choose enfue

enfue’s all-in-one recruiting software helps you hire the right person faster.

Business Intelligence

Provide data that help employer make accurate decisions to hire right people, track recruitment efficiency.

Employer branding

Establish your employer brand easily with mobile friendly career page. Highlighting what makes your jobs and culture unique.

We Connect!

Our Mission is to create a Transparent and Reliable Platform to connect Candidates and Businesses. We assist your success, you control your success.

“By using enfue, we have attracted candidates from different part of Vietnam in a shorter time. We have been filling 20 positions this months. We are able to reduce our hiring time from 40 to 26 hour per candidate.”

- Huy Nguyen

( CEO @ Technocom)

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$199 / monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

With our passion to add values to the tech industry, we have built enfue to enhance the recruiting and hiring process at ‘every’ tech company.

We are offering a monthly and yearly plans as listed transparent above. 

To get your applicants tracked with the status and provide data analytics on your job vacancies and job applicants.

It is very simple and straightforward, AI chatbot will ‘proactively’ seek for your inputs of your needs and drive the results for you. 

That is great then you already have experienced with a similar platform like enfue and we are confident that you will realize that enfue helps you further more with sourcing talents.

Let's AI helps you to find the right candidates

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